Anonymous: what's that pic from with Aug in the store? 

It’s an old pic. I believe this is from one of his visits back home. 

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August lost his chill today… 😂😂👌

Anonymous: Who's nicko? 

Nicki. :/

my mind is going so much faster than my hands. I’ve been doing that all day. :/ + the stupid spell check . :|

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Anonymous: can you upload the 94.7 interview video please..or the link 

Just did. Check it out to see if you can see it. The link is there too.

August Alsina talks relationships, his package and eating what?!  94.7 interview

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Nicki’s Anaconda cover>
Y’all thought he was trippin over Nicki before? Hmm!
“Anaconda” inspired by… Lmao nvm. Y’all have a nice day. :)

Lmao I thought the same thing when I saw it

Anonymous: Aye ine gone lie I been thinking like I wonder if this nigga done seen this yet lmao 

Lolol, I’m sure we all think like that!

Anonymous: For the interview w/ 94.7 only the page comes up, but no video appears. *sigh* :( thanks tho 

:( try using your phone.

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